How to Choose the Right Globe – Part 2

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How to Choose the Right Globe – Part 2

Part 2 of our informative series on how to choose the right globe for the right circumstance focuses on Pendant lights.

With the abundance of different globes available in the market today, it can sometimes be tricky to define which is going to be the best option to use. This blog will help you understand and decide on which globe is will be best for each situation.

As a quick recap, there are 3 determining factors when choosing a globe. This includes Base Type, Technology, and Colour Temperature; which is further outlined below.

Globe Bases

For Pendant and Ceiling Lights, the most common globe base is the ES E27 Edison Screw. However there are other base possibilities. These include:

  • BC B22 (Bayonet)
  • ES E27 (Edison Screw)
  • SBC B15 (Small Bayonet)
  • SES E14 (Small Edison Screw)

Globe Finder

There are other options that can be used for Pendants and Ceiling Lights (eg. G9, GU10, G4, or R7s) however these are very uncommon.

There is also the possibility that the fixture will come with an “inset” or “dedicated” LED. This typically means that the light source cannot be replaced and is built into the fitting itself.


The technology refers to whether you will choose flourescent, halogen/incandescent, or LED.

Globe Tech

Another option can be “Carbon Filament” style globes. These are decorative globes that do not produce much light, however have patterns and designs that add to the overall style of a fitting. You will often see these used for Pendants in Cafes or restaurants as they are designed to emulate candlelight.

Carbon Filament


Colour Temperature

Colour Temperature refers to the spectrum of light that is used in the output of the globes, which is measured in Kelvin. The lower the Kelvin Rating, the “warmer” or more yellow the light will be.

  • Incandescent and Halogen Globes will typically run at 2700k
  • Carbon Filament Globes can run from 2400k-2700k
  • LED can range between 2700k and 6500k
  • Flourescent can range from 2700k to full spectrum

Colour Rating

Over a Dining Table

There are two options for pendant lighting over a dining table that will greatly influence the globe that will be required.

Firstly you need to decide on whether or not you want the globe to be visible. When the globe is visible from a distance in the pendant, you will need to ensure that there is minimal glare and harshness from the light source. It is recommended to use a Halogen or Carbon filament globe to reduce glare. The use of a vintage style LED globe is also an option, however it is best to view the globe beforehand to ensure this will be suitable.

Black and Timber Treasure Pendant

The other option is to have a pendant with a solid body. This will allow the light to be thrown down, directly onto the dining table and be used as more functional light when eating or entertaining. A strong LED globe is recommended for this purpose, however, a warm colour temperature can still create an appropriate ambiance.

Black Dome Pendant


Over a Kitchen Bench

Similar to use over a dining table, the options for choosing the right globe are based around whether you want the light to be functional or decorative.

When the globe is exposed, it is once again best to use a carbon filament or softer globe. This will limit the amount of glare that is created when looking in the direction of the fitting. The downside however is that the pendants will be used as more of a decorative item and have little functional use.

Black Cage Pendants

Solid body pendants however, will allow for a stronger, more functional light usage, which can often be better for preparing meals, or reading over a bench. The best globes to use here are strong LED globes, preferably in a cool white.

Chrome Pendants

Entrance, Hallway, or Stairwell

Typically pendants in these areas are used to create an impression, or to make a feature of a certain space. Once again this allows you to choose the globe based on whether you need functionality or decoration.

For crystal pendants, it is often ideal to use vintage style LED globes to avoid high energy use.

LED chandelier

Most modern stairwell style pendant will have in-built led globes already in them, so there would most likely be no need to search for a globe alternative.


As always, if any further information is required to help you in deciding on which globe is going to be the best option, please feel free to get in touch with us and we can assist!

Part 3 of our series “How to Choose the Right Globe” will be available in the coming weeks and we’ll be focusing on Downlights and Spotlights.


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How to Choose the Right Globe – Part 2

How to Choose the Right Globe – Part 2 Part 2 of...

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