How to Choose the Right Globe – Part 1

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How to Choose the Right Globe – Part 1


There are literally hundreds of globes available in the current market, and with the introduction of LED’s, it can sometimes be tricky to define which is going to be the best option to use. Amoré Lighting are creating an informative series to help you understand what globes are best used in each circumstance.

The first part of our series is based around Floor, Table, and Task Lamps.

Before we begin, it is important to understand the different options for Globe Bases, Technology, and Colour Temperatures.

Globe Bases

For Floor, Table and Task Lamps, there are 4 common globe bases that are used. These include:

  • BC B22 (Bayonet)
  • ES E27 (Edison Screw)
  • SBC B15 (Small Bayonet)
  • SES E14 (Small Edison Screw)

Globe Finder

There are other options that can be used for lamps (eg. G9, G4, or R7s) however these are very uncommon when used for lamps.


The technology refers to whether you will choose flourescent, halogen/incandescent, or LED.

Globe Tech

Another option can be “Carbon Filament” style globes. These are decorative globes that do not produce much light, however have patterns and designs that add to the overall style of a lamp.

Carbon Filament


Colour Temperature

Colour Temperature refers to the spectrum of light that is used in the output of the globes, which is measured in Kelvin. The lower the Kelvin Rating, the “warmer” or more yellow the light will be.

  • Incandescent and Halogen Globes will typically run at 2700k
  • Carbon Filament Globes can run from 2400k-2700k
  • LED can range between 2700k and 6500k
  • Flourescent can range from 2700k to full spectrum

Colour Rating

Floor Lamps

Floor (or as some refer to them – Standing) Lamps are often a key decorative aspect to living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, or entrances. Ensuring that you pick the right globe for the design of the lamp is imperative to achieving the desired decorative effect.

Floor lamps will most often take a BC Globe, however, newer options may also take an ES. It is always best to check which one yours has as a first step.

If you are looking to bring out the natural colours of your lamp, it is best to use a higher kelvin rated globe, however if you are looking to create more ambiance or “mood”, a lower kelvin rated globe creates a warmer, more inviting effect.

WArm Floor LampCool Floor Lamp

It is recommended to use LED globes for floor lamps as they run cool, use less energy, and last longer. There are cases however, where a halogen or fluorescent globe would be more suitable. For example, when using an on/off touch lamp, a fluorescent is better than an LED. When using a lamp that has dimming functionality, a halogen or incandescent would be the best option.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are often decorative in nature, however can also be used for reading purposes when placed on a bedside or lounge, once again, it is important to choose the right globe for each situation. Table lamps are most likely to use a BC, ES, or SES globe.

When using a table lamp for reading purposes, it is recommended to use a higher kelvin rated globe, as these will provide a more “natural” coloured light. If used purely for decorative purposes, a “warmer” globe is more appropriate.

Warm Table LampCool Table Lamp

Similar to floor lamps, table lamps are best used with LED globes with the exception being touch lamps, or those that have a dimming function. If the lamp has an exposed globe, i.e there is no shade and the globe is visible, it is often a good idea to choose the Carbon Filament option. Carbon Filament globes have minimal glare and a decorative design.

Pipe Table Lamp

Task Lamps

Task lamps are those that are used for reading, desk work, or for crafting. The most common globe used in task lamps are ES, however BC, SES, and SBC are also used.

It is recommended to use LED globes in task lamps. LED globes provide high light output for minimal energy use, and higher kelvin rated options are perfect for task work.

Task Lamp BlackWood Task Lamp

Part 2 of our series”How to Choose the Right Globe” will be up next week, in which we’ll be looking at Pendants.

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