10 Unbelievable Uses for LED Lighting

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10 Unbelievable Uses for LED Lighting

LED Lighting is a pretty serious influencer of the modern world at the moment. The energy savings made from switching old fittings to new LED ones are well known, however, LED technology reaches much further than just saving you on your quarterly energy bill. We’ve compiled a list of 10 Unbelievable Uses for LED Lighting that you may not have thought about.


1. LED Ceilings

Pfft – Regular Ceilings, what good are they? Sure they provide shelter and a place to hang pendants or place downlights, but apart from that, they are fairly dull.

Enter LED Ceilings: Imagine being inside your house on a cold, rainy night; settling in to watch a movie with the family or your partner. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit under the stars at the same time? Why not just set up LED panels on your ceiling so that you can.

Ceiling 2

Or you could even create a “virtual sky” in your office so that you always feel like you’re working outdoors.

LED Ceiling panels are fairly new to the industry, but they are getting more and more attention. My guess is in 20 years, most homes will have LED ceilings!



2. Bionic Contact Lenses

Scientists are still currently working on this little gem, so it’s not quite ready to hit the market just yet. However, this is an invention that could have a huge impact on the world as we know it. The idea is to provide a “virtual display” that will allow the visually impaired to dramatically increase their sight. Some researchers believe that it might even allow people to have sight that’s 3 times better than 20/20.

Contact Lens 3

Of course it doesn’t just stop at its medical capabilities, it could also be used as a method of virtual reality in gaming systems, and allow you to read text messages and emails directly from your eye. Weird!

Contact Lens 2


3. LED Sports

Rectangular playing field? Check.

Nets/Basket? Check.

LED floor panels? Check.

Hundreds of different sports possibilities? Hell yeah!

If you were to put down LED Panels at the floor for your field or court, you would be able to change the sport you want to play at will. Doesn’t this just seem smart? I mean an arena has the choice to have netball, basketball, indoor soccer, handball, etc etc at any time they chose, rather than having to repaint or build courts next to each other. Genius!

Sports 2

But it doesn’t just finish at the court, the gear can also be LED, Skateboards, Snowboards, Bikes, Helmets. Just have LED Everything!

Skateboard 2


4. LED Wallpaper

Ever painted the walls of your house or office? If so then youll know what a nightmare it can be, especially since that Light Sunbaked Terracotta colour you chose is going to be there for a long, long time. LED Wallpaper takes all of that away.


It lets you change the colour to whatever you want, as often as you want, and gives you the option to even add designs in there. Put that paint roller away… Forever!

Wallpaper 22


5. Coloured Water

What’s the point of washing your hands in water that comes out of a regular faucet? Ok, besides the fact that it cleans them.

There’s now an option to have water come out in colours like you’re living in Willy Wonka’s bathroom! Some options will even be able to tell you when the temperature is hot or cold, so there’s no risk of getting scolded.


Plus, wouldn’t it be excellent to be showered by colourful water every morning before work?

Shower Head 2


6. Fashion and Beauty

It does look a bit weird to have light up eyelashes, but they certainly are getting some attention at the moment. The idea is to use strips of lighting under the eyelid to make the eyes look bigger. The inventor of this (Soomi Park) is confident that LED Eyelashes may well be the next big thing in years to come; “Hey Becky, are you ready yet?” – “Almost, just need to switch my face on”

Eyelash 3

The other side of this is having light-up clothing. This isn’t exactly a new idea, but with LED technology, it can actually be a bit more practical now. It will be interesting to see what everybody is wearing to the nightclubs in the next few years; will we see Phillips open up a new range of clothing?

Dress 2


7. Interactive Furniture

Ever been watching TV and thought “Man, I could really go for a game of Tetris right now”. Well by having LED and touch technology on your coffee table you can. Or what if you wanted to know if your cat has been climbing all over the furniture when it’s not supposed to.

Beer Pong Table2

Having light-up and interactive furniture not only looks like you’ve just escaped from Tron, but can be (somewhat) functional at the same time. This might be more useful in the short term for outdoor items, like benches and tables.

Park Bench


8. Paper Thin TV’s

Finally! I for one am sick to death of not having a TV that I can roll up and take to the park with me.

Jokes aside, these are actually pretty cool. They use a polyimide film rather than regular plastics as the backbone which means they can be significantly thinner. Because LED’s are so small, they also don’t have any effect on the thickness of the TV.

TV 2

Apparently LG are confident they’ll have a 60 inch, Ultra HD roll-up TV available by 2017. Nice!

Thin TV


9. LED Carpet

Responsive carpet that lights up when you walk on it like a freakin’ Michael Jackson video. Not bad.

These carpets work by having a layer of LED’s underneath light transmissive carpet. Because each LED shines through distinctly, these can be used for displaying messages, signs, and directions. These are still being worked on as I’m sure there’s probably a lot of fire hazards involved, so we’ll have to wait to see what the final result looks like.

Light-up-floors-with-LED-carpet-by-Desso-and-Philips-VIDEO-417165-xl (1)

What will be excellent however, is when the technology is completely ready and you can combine the carpet with the ceilings and walls to have a fully immersive media room.

Carpet 2


10. Solar (Freakin’) Roadways

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the YouTube clip on this: In case you haven’t.

This is one of those uses of LED’s that could be a complete game changer. The problem is that there’s a fairly serious investment that would need to take place to get these up and running, and more research is realistically still required. The clip speaks for itself, but it will be very interesting to see if anything comes of this innovation in the next 10 years.



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