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Top 5 Lighting Trends

Lighting is an ever-evolving form of artistic expression that can be used to showcase creativity and ingenuity when decorating your home. But, like all art and fashion, it can be hard to keep up with current trends and whats actually happening in the world of lighting. Amoré have put together the Top 5 Lighting Trends that we are noticing not just locally, but throughout the industry as well.

  1. LED Lighting

No surprises here. The rapid change to the extremely energy efficient is now in full effect. LED lighting should realistically be used as the replacement to almost all lighting options (there are always exceptions). But it’s not just the energy efficiency that has helped the uprising of LED’s; its also the fact that they are so versatile in their application. Colours, dimmers, and sizes mean that LED’s will be sticking around for many years to come still.


  1. Wooden Pendants

Wooden Pendants have been popular for the last 6 months as it offers neutrality in environments that may seem already a little cluttered.  What we are now seeing, is that the safe, traditional polished wooden look is being overtaken by the natural timber coloured options. This gives a more coastal, beach feel and puts a more contemporary spin on the classics.


  1. Smart Globes

Relatively new to the market on the small scale, smart globes are one of the best innovations in art and decor to come out of the last few years. Smart globes give you the ability to change the mood of your home immediately and constantly through the connection to a Smartphone App. The abilities of these smart-globes are continuous, but do include:

  • DIY Abiltities – Just plug straight into an existing fitting
  • Choice of millions of colours you can change the bulb to through a smartphone app.
  • Connection to music for changes in colour rhythm
  • Can flicker or dim when you receive notifications from your phone
  • Changes to certain colours for alertness and focus
  • Can access lights from anywhere through smartphones.

The biggest problem however, is that these are still new to the market, so most retailers wont have access to them just yet.


  1. Copper

Metallic’s have been a staple in lighting for a long time, however there are those that find your typical chromes and aluminium finishes a little exhibitionist or gaudy (each to their own I suppose). Copper is undoubtedly the exception. Copper is sophisticated, classy and anything but flashy. Initially it was mostly used for pendants, however a new move has seen this branch over to table and floor lamps to complete the 1930’s look throughout the area.


  1. “Vintage” Light Bulbs

These are the bulbs you’ll see hanging from your local cafe or restaurant. Vintage style ambient lighting that is designed to create a warm, comfortable, candle-light style look and feel. What’s really great about the resurgence of these however is that we now have the technology to do so much more with them.  LED replicas of these allow the energy saving factor to come into play, without having an effect on the design. What needs to be kept in mind when decorating using these globes, is that they do not throw much light, so they are purely decorative.



Feel free to drop in to discuss any ideas that you may have seen or want to discuss with our friendly staff and we can always look to help.

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